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Feb 14, 2017

Is it possible for an institution to enforce a moral code and remain inherently non-sectarian? This week, the hosts of The Masonic Roundtable dive into philosophy as they discuss the concept of Masonic morality through the lenses of moral relativism and moral absolutism.

Ahmed Lotfy
over seven years ago

Making decisions is always about how much details and information you have and how well they are analyzed at the moment you are required to make a choice, then and only then may be the truth of your morality would appear.

What I know NOW, if it would be about me and my own safety I would carry my burden on my shoulders without holding responsibilty upon others especially if I don't understand what happened because eventualy God gave us the right to forgive or demand our rights if one has any ..

Ahmed Lotfy
over seven years ago

1- what does the car represent?
2- Anyway ... what if the car system is hacked? and gave orders to kill other people and the driver as well shouldn't we know who the hacker is?
3- just because the hacker is powerful enough to give such commands in a discret way, doesn't mean we go and punish the car and burn it !!!
4- action or inaction both should be decided upon full awareness and understanding.
5- it is not just about religion and the holly books, it is about the message within these books it is about a constitution that makes a common sense both to the mind and the consiousness and EVERYONE should respect and follow at least main lines.
6- to me inaction is much more favorable than action if I am in a situation where I am not aware of eveything surrounds me (even if it would kill me), not knowing which button you are pressing is a very reckless choice, sometimes it DOES be fatal.